»There’s much I know: yet I’d know everything.«

Our craving for knowledge continually presents us with new challenges. Sometimes, in order to make headway, one needs assistance. The Helmut Fischer Foundation therefore sponsors scientific works in the MINT disciplines, especially the areas of physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and medical technology. The Foundation awards grants for developing innovative measuring methods and supports programs for ensuring and improving quality knowledge.

Raw materials and milled parts made of aluminum, brass and steel for measuring instruments

Doctoral Fellowships
Changing perspectives, turning ideas into reality: sponsoring the development of next-generation scientists, the Helmut Fischer Foundation has granted several doctoral fellowships based at several different institutions in Switzerland. It is of particular importance to the Foundation to maintain close contact with these fellows. In this way, they not only receive direct support but can also take advantage of from the expertise of the Fischer enterprise.

Study Grants
Discovering and fostering talent: The Helmut Fischer Foundation has taken on the challenge of sponsoring and mentoring gifted students who are still in the early stages of their careers. The Foundation sponsors interested young scientists at both the Bachelor's and the Master's levels.

Test pieces: electronic and mechanical components

Working together with Helmut Fischer Technologie AG, the Helmut Fischer Foundation has undertaken joint projects with schools and universities. This allowed mechanical engineering students from the Hochschule Luzern (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) to visit the company premises in Hünenberg and partake in high-caliber workshops within the framework of the well-established "Student Days" program. Also in Lucerne, a program of collaboration between the Foundation and the University has taken shape in the form of lectures, seminars and workshops on the topic of measurement technology – conducted by outstanding practitioners and sponsored by the Foundation.

A further example are the microscopy and analysis services for research projects at universities. Last year, these were requested by, among others, the Hochschule Rapperswil (University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil).

Standards for calibrating contact measuring probes

Wanted: astute minds. Contact us if you need support with an innovative research project and can provide the necessary application materials, or if you need help bringing innovative ideas to fruition.